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​​Zumba combines Latin dance moves with hip hop, belly dancing and traditional fitness moves.  Cardio intervals, motivating music and choreography that everyone can do will make you keep coming back for more.  Find out why this class is sweeping the nation!

Hit the Deck!

Take on 52 cards for the game of your life and a workout you won't forget.

Circuit Interval Training

Cardiovascular and strength intervals taught in a circuit-style class giving you a total body workout and keeping your heart rate up for maximum fat burning in minimum time.  Since there are no complicated movements or choreography to learn, this is a great class for all levels; newcomers and athletes alike!


Group Strength Training

We will lead you through a non-stop progression of strength building exercises to increase muscular endurance using a variety of equipment.  Add this class to your schedule to help you build a lean, strong physique with a workout that is NEVER boring!