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The Fitness and Skill Levels we developed are intended to be a guide, not a standardized test you must "pass".  Don't beat yourself up for not being "elite". This is not a race to see who can reach the top first.  Work at your own pace, and work with what your body is capable of doing at your fitness level.  We help you set fitness goals based on our designed skill levels and encourage you to achieve your next level.  Using the Levels to evaluate your strengths, weaknesses, and to make smart choices about your workout time at Levels Functional Fitness.

You probably think that the hardest part about exercise is the physical work; the lifting, running, and sweating.  You couldn’t be more wrong.  Looking back and seeing what exactly makes the people I train successful, I’ve come to one conclusion: fitness starts in your mind.  Psychological barriers block people from reaching their goals.  If you’re like the vast majority of people, you probably go to the gym for one of three reasons:  to become more fit to do the things you love, to become healthier, or to look better naked.  For you to get in shape, you may think the answer is easy: Show up to the gym, do some exercises, and go home.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that.  To get fit and achieve your goals, you have to do much more than show up and slog through the motions.  We all know a person who says they work out three or four times a week but hasn’t changed in 3 years.  Investigate what that person actually does in a workout, and you’ll usually find there is a severe lack of hard work … he/she may text and look at Instagram, or only does weight exercises that feel comfortable, and if he’s running, it’s at a slow speed.  He’s probably done the same few workouts for years.  If that reminds you of yourself, that’s okay … because we’re going to change that.

The people who become fit and stay fit are different.  They don’t have secret exercises or eat some “superfood” or take a magic fitness pill that they found on the internet.  Above all else, they have a solid work ethic.

The most successful people show up, yes.  But when they’re there, they work harder than most everyone else.  They believe and they don’t quit, make excuses, or take shortcuts.  After their workouts, they pay attention to their fitness outside of the gym by doing other things that help them improve; like eating right and sleeping enough

All of those habits are built by that muscle your skull.  That’s precisely why training should improve your mind first.  If you build a strong mind that powers hard work and dedication, then all this “fitness stuff” is easy.  Your workouts are reduced to picking shit up and putting it down, and placing one foot in front of the other.

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